There have been significant leaps made by man in the way he does the construction of buildings and structures. This has continued to progress over time. In Ancient Egypt, masons made bricks by putting mixing clay in special ovens. This created what they would use as original blocks to construct their massive structures that we see today. Today we have better technology in the way of cement mixers. These are a common sight at construction sites where roads, buildings and other structures are being erected. These transporters mix and carry cement while en route to the construction site. A & A Ready Mixed Concrete firm gives more about cement mixture.

Let us examine some fundaments; cement emanates from asphalt. Asphalt, in turn, is a Greek terminology meaning “secure.” The Greeks discovered that by mixing asphalt with other compounds such as water, they could easily produce construction material. Further technological improvements gave way to what we use today.

Cement mixing works by combining several types of building material or compounds. It includes materials like sand, asphalt, and limestone. The process of cement mixing began at 625 BC. Asphalt and cement provided a starting point in constructions in Babylon and with the Greek civilization as well.

This art was almost lost until resurfaced in Europe during early 1500’s. The Greeks incorporated a type of construction that later became the cornerstone of modern construction. They discovered that they could utilize cement for building buildings, roads, and bridges.

Americans started using cement for road construction in the 1800s. This was as a result of the automobile revolution that was sweeping North America. The mechanism of cement mixing took on a new dimension when it was discovered that there was natural cement in Trinidad. By the 1900’s, there were different elements included in cement mixture to form concrete for road construction.

Automobiles started to become popular back in the 1920’s. Together with this, cement mixers became famous as well. A compound was produced by placing mixers (which consist of trays) that were heated over coal fires. It is then dried and poured with asphalt on top. Initially, the mix was stirred by hand until cement mixing drums were created. The mixing drums were stationery at the beginning, however, wheels were attached to it for mobility. It also allows the drums to build roadways and sidewalks without difficulty. The mixing drums were popular until the 1960’s.

Environmentalists, however, raised some concerns regarding their safety. This was back in the 1970’s. This led to further discussions which resulted in the development of better technology for cement mixing. Today we have much better cement mixers. These are also eco-friendly and safer on the roads.

The transportation industry has lent its support to the art of cement mixing. Today, we other forms of cement transporters have emerged. We even have 18 wheeler heavy trucks providing faster and greater mobility.

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