Reagan library tour allows you to follow the life of the famous US president Ronald Reagan. The library is located in a hilltop at Simi Valley City, Los Angeles. It is built on a one hundred acre land where you can get a spectacular view of the valley, mountains, and Pacific Ocean. If you stay in the air force one Suite, at the hotel in Westlake Village you can have a one of a kind tour of the library.

The library has department which tells of his life from when he was a college hero, Hollywood actor, California Governor to the 40th president of the US. All this is well supported by documents, photographs, films, audio and video tapes.

The library has over 55 million pages of his personal and administration documents. This may help answer any question that you may have of the person who helped end the cold war. There is a video taken on the day he was about to be assassinated.

The library which was set in 1990 also indicates all presidents who served the country. A present theatre shows the highlights of his life. You will also get to see some of the historic events and moments when he made big decisions all captured in a photo, audio or video. The Presidential motorcade, air force one, oval office, cold war gallery, marine one helicopter and so much more.

There is no doubt that Reagan library tour is a worthwhile tour. The rich history of his fame and rise to glory is well detailed. In overall, the library is also his Memorial Site. It will be a great feeling to be close to one of the most influential person in the world. I can recommend that you pay a visit. You will be inspired and informed too.