Equine gastric ulcers are very similar to the gastric ulcers that humans get. They are due to prolonged exposure to stomach acid, and are, essentially, the breakdown of the protective lining in the stomach.

The condition can result in anything from mild inflammation to severe bleeding, and in rare cases, death. Gastric ulcers are most likely to be fatal to young horses with nearly 50 percent of foals being affected by it. 1/3 of adult horses are thought to have this condition also, but are less likely to die from it.

So how is this painful condition treated?

There are a few options for treating the ulcers, including hormone blockers, proton pump inhibitors, buffers, and protectants. These types of treatment can be purchased from any veterinary clinic, or online from reputable vet like SynNutra Equine, that has ways to prevent and heal equine gastric ulcers.

In addition to medications, adjustments to the diet of the horse is also thought to help less severe ulcers heal.