Mixing concrete or mortar, often popularly referred to as ‘cement mixing’ has many applications around the garden: save money by laying a new path; build a stunning brick barbeque for the summer season; or lay a new shed base yourself. Just like cooking, the secret of how to mix cement comes down to methodically following a simple recipe. For smaller jobs you can probably do your cement mixing by hand – but you can’t beat a cement mixer for sheer ease-of-use, convenience and the most efficient mixing.

How to mix cement

Mixing cement for garden applications typically consists of combining sand (and perhaps aggregate in the form of small stones/gravel) cement and water in pre-determined proportions. There is an almost infinite range of mixing ratios for different applications. For many garden purposes a mixing ratio of 1:2:3 (one part cement, two parts sand and three parts aggregate) is used.

You can do cement mixing by hand…

To mix cement by hand, a shovel is used to combine the ingredients on a large board or a sheet of plastic until they have a firm, but manageable consistency. It’s not hard to learn how to mix cement by hand, but it’s hard, physical work and care is needed to avoid lots of mess and clearing up. Using a small cement mixer (concrete mixer) is often easier and tidier and gives a more consistent mix too!

But it’s easier with a cement mixer…

You know how to mix cement but you want the easy life – and that means buying a mixer. So what should you look for? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a mini-cement mixer for use in your garden:

Size – a range of capacities are available Reinforced drum Ease of loading/unloading – flip-up mixers help Power source – petrol or electric Weight and manoeuvrability – some mixers have wheels Ease of storage – for when the job is finished Appearance – why shouldn’t your mixer look good too?

How to use a cement mixer

Once you’ve set your mixer up, all you do is load the constituents of your required cement mix and switch the machine on – just like a large kitchen food mixer! Within a few minutes the mix is ready to be tipped onto the ground or into barrows. It’s simple, and at the end of the day, it’s easy to wash the mixer drum out before storing the mixer ready for the next job. If you need a cement mix, contact A & A Ready Mixed Concrete Inc. a concrete company in California.